Atamfar Bayyanar Mahadi- A Mini Industry is Growing around Kwankwasiyya

From Kano ba Sulhu, a branded cap of the kwankwassiya movement tahat sold out in less than a week, to red wrapped Kwankwassiya bread, the people of Kano known world over for exploiting the most insignificant trend are quickly cashing in on the Kwankwasiyya band wagon. The latest is the Atamfar Bayyanar Mahadi, a red checkered cheap fabric from china whcih the women of Kano are trouping to buy from Kwari.

Why or what spurned this Kwankwasiyya storm beats even the traders that are struggling to meet the hectic demand of the Kano red caps. Malam Sai’du mai hula of Kano’s singer market said it must have something to do with the 20 January planned visit of the Kwankwassiya Idol, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

“Red caps are selling very well, and they say they are going to witness bayyanar Mahadi”

But Aisha Matanagri thinks its something else. “Kwankwassiya brands have been selling like hell even before Kwankwaso’s visit was announced. I think the people of Kano, men women and children have just found in Kwankwassiya a subtle way of rejecting the authoritarian and draconian policies of the APC led State and federal governments. Of course, after all that they have done for him its very difficult for the Kanawa to come out and fight Buhari, but by identifying with the Kwankwasiyya brand, they can send a clear message to his handlers that they are not happy with him ”

Alhaji Junaidu Ibrahim of Kwari market however thinks the businessmen of Kano, unhappy with Ganduje are actually encouraging the Kwankwassiya trend in order to ensure a change in government come 2019. “Our business people are deliberately encouraging this because they don’t like Ganduje. They think he has taxed them and refused to do anything worthwhile with the money so this the way they are fighting back, they deliberately advertise Kwankwassiya products to a population that is suffering from hunger and economic recession”

With a bakery, a magazine and soon to come clinic with 444 branches, the Kwankwasiyya movement is moving beyond the political space and conquering almost every aspect of the Kano mans life. This commercial enterprises, with networks that span the entire length of Kano’s business class is enough to upstage the political situation in Arewa’s center of commerce. After all, only a Kwankwassiya victory will guaranty a continuation of the brand


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