Jafar Jafar reminds Buhari of an old promise

Well, apparently Malam Jafar Jafar is not hopeless afterall.

The controversial journalist reminded Buhari of an old promise he made back in 2011 to only serve one term.

In Jafar’s words:

In this February 2011 interview, my former colleague, Theophilus Abbah, asked Buhari:

Why did you say you will do just one term, if elected?

Below is Buhari’s response:

“I’m not getting younger. If I succeed and do one term, I will be 73 years old.”

Theophilus asked Buhari again: If you’re doing just one term, you may want to urgently do some things? What are they?

Buhari responded:

“There are two issues and I have said it in one sentence. Security and power. This country has to be secured and managed. People in Nigeria must not go about fearing that they would be abducted. You must not be afraid to the point that you can’t drive from Kaduna to Kano any time of the day. If you are in Lagos, you should have jobs to the point that you can afford to have three shifts in a day. That is eight hours each. But people are now very scared wherever they are. People have built houses worth over a billion naira, but they are afraid to live in them. What is the use? So, security is number one. Number two is structure. We have to revive the electricity sector so that people will have access to power to carry out their businesses. Others include the roads, the railways, the shipping lines. We used to have all these things. In spite of what we earned in the last eleven years, the whole infrastructure has already collapsed.”

Ba ni ne na fada ba, Hassan Wayam shine ya fada…

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