#JusticeforFahad trends as man claims son of IGP unlawfully ordered his arrest

#JuisticeforFahad is trening on Social media after Fahad Ibrahim claimed that he was detained in an Abuja police satation after the son of the Inspector Genral of the Nigeria police ordered for his detention because he (fahad) had refused to introduce the IGPs son to a girl.

Below is Fahad’s statement:

How The IGP’s Son Ordered For My Unlawful Detention.

For the days I spent in the police custody, I was emotionally and psychologically traumatized. I have no history of sleeping in a police dungeon. I experienced it first hand and I do not wish my enemy that kind of experience. I was denied my fundamental human rights. No freedom of expression and I couldn’t contact my relatives to inform them about my arrest. What a bad way to start the new year with. That said.

If I had met a prophet on my way to a friend’s house on the 2nd of January, this year and the prophet revealed to me that I will spend these days in a Police cell, I would definitely had ignored that prophet. I would had mocked him and make him looked like one of those comedians or those fake prophet who are hell bent to get more customers that will patronize them using fake prophesies. This is because I know I had not done or engaged in any illegal act that should warrant an arrest by the policemen.

Hitherto, my unlawful arrest and detention still looks like a movie to me due to the firm fact that in my entire lifetime, I have never slept in a police cell. For real, I even have an obsessive fear for anything that has to do with the Nigerian Police. I am aware of so many irregularities going on in the NPF and my actions are guided by that reality. I wouldn’t want to do anything that will make me associate with a policeman.

Unfortunately, my negative perception about the NPF was further strengthened by what I experienced last week and I saw with my own eyes. I now believe that it’s true when it is said that the powerful men call the shot in our society.

What happened? The son of one of the most powerful men in Nigeria today ordered for my arrest and unlawful detention because of a trivial issue the police would have even sent us out for, if we had gone to report the case. An issue that should not even be heard by a third party is now a thing of public concern.

Events that led to my unlawful arrest by dishonourable men of the NPF.

Prior to the day I was detained, I had been receiving series of phone calls from the son of the Inspector General of Police about an issue I considered trivial.

The IGP’s son, popularly called Marshal had been disturbing me to arrange a meeting of him and a lady friend of mine. According to him, the girl has been ignoring his advances and has numerously, rejected pleads to meet him.

Marshal was able to get my contact because the lady in question occasionally used my phone to reply some of his text messages. All the texts still are in my phone. When it was dawned on Marshall that the lady may not see him, he decided to involve me.

After countlessly requesting for an appointment with me of which I initially all declined, his persistence paid off, as I succumbed to his ill fated and agreed to meet him, we then went to his hotel in Maitama guest house, where he rented a separate room for me, all in order to get him the attention of the lady because all his efforts proved abortive, but I see it more of betraying the trust she has over me, reason why I refused to dance to his tune.

The day the horrible incident happened was a CDS Tuesday thus, I was in my NYSC ragalia in Garki Misau Crescent about going home because it was evening time. Surprisingly, he came together with his two friends, a guy and a lady and pleaded that I should enter his car so we can find somewhere convenient to discuss over the matter again. Since that wasn’t the first time, I had no fear any harm so, I followed them, not knowing that I just took a wrong decision by hoping into his car.

Well, we learn from mistakes and I have learnt mine. Marshall drove off and we landed at a police station in Garki, Abuja. I was initially perplexed on what we came to do at the station not until he introduce himself “Yes I am Muhammad K. Idris Son of current IGP, and I was directed to bring this bastard by Commissioner of police. ” With the guy he was together with claiming to be an ASP, and the lady wearing a customized Police P-Cap. He then ordered the police to arrest me.

My sorrowful experience at the police station.

Marshall ordered the police to arrest me. He clearly stated that I will only be a free man on a condition that I must make the lady show up there and then. Repeat this more then 10 times. It was there I understood his game plan, how he wanted to blackmail and use me as a bait to meet the lady.

I never for once think that a son of such prominent man who should be crazy about maintaining his father hard earned reputation will carry out such action that did not only ridicules him but also left the public with no option than to question his moral upbringing.

I was told in details about his character and attitude and how he treat individuals, with his Father’s name. which is so sad, I will explain it to the world, later.

In the process of telling Marshal that I will not contact the lady, he slapped me twice. His friends, a lady and a guy also slapped me about 8 times. Sadly, I was not really pained by the hits on my face because someone who ordered you to be unlawfully detained could do more, what amazes and shocked me to my bone marrow is the brazen display of ‘I don’t care’ attitude by the police officers on duty.

They couldn’t ordered Marshal and his friends to stop the assault. These are men paid by the government to defend and protect the rights of her citizens maintaining silence in the face of assault of one citizen by another who are equal in the face of the law. Indeed, all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. This means some humans benefit from this equality than others.

This was exactly what happened that day. I felt pained and dehumanized. The police were not ready to listen to me. Their Interest is just to do as your ‘Lordship pleases’ to a boy some of them could father. Marshal and his friends left and commanded the policemen to lock me up and I was detained for three days without trial. It initially looked like a joke until the policemen started collecting some of the properties in my possession and locked me in a cell.


Maybe, and maybe, I may not be out of that distressing situation if l God not sent the policeman among the policemen who everything happened in his view and sight, come to my rescue. He secretly gave me my phone to contact my people. Immediately, I sent out text messages to all the people I know could be of help. My relatives and Place of Primary Assignment (Dailytrust) were contacted who all helped in one way or the other to secure my release from the police then.

What next after my freedom?

The truth of the matter is that there are lots of Nigerians out there who are currently suffering because of a crime they did not commit. Their only crime is that they didn’t fit into the list of ‘high class’ in the country. If I allow this to slide away without seeking for justice, that is indeed injustice itself. Maybe, it’s true that getting justice in a case where the powerful class is involved is nearly impossible, if not impossible. However, we cannot continue to let go of justice because some people somewhere call the shot.

Our dream Country may not be realized if we continue to turn blind eye in the face of sheer injustice. We have to stand up to violation of human right as enshrined in our constitution and right the wrong. Therefore, lawyers who are interested in the case have already taken it up and filed a case against the Nigerian Police and Marshal, the cruel IGP’s son. We are going to fight this fight to a logical conclusion, and by God’s grace, we shall come out victorious.

Justice!!! Justice!!? Justice!!! Should prevail.

Journalists, human right activist, IGP. And all patriotic Nigerians Etc.
Adamu Kabir Matazu kabir Kabiru Danladi Lawanti Muhammad Hashim Suleiman Sodiq Omolaoye Abel Kure Isiaka Zakari Nasir Tsoho Abdullahi Abbas Bello Marafa Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice abubakr Amb Abubakar Usman Aliyu Barrister Bulama Amina Oomie Amazah masir Abubakar A Gumi Abdul Zakariyau Olawale Abdulrahaman Yakubu Ozohu-Suleiman Adamu Abbas Abba kyari Adnan Mukhtar Tudunwada Abdullahi Aleeu Gunigi Shamsuddeen Rabiu Yusuf Ibrahim Yakasai Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso etc.

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