Disquiet as Defence Space Agency takes off

Will it be used for defence purposes or for spying on Nigerians? that’s the question on everybody’s mind as Nigeria’s defence space agency finally takes shape.

Field as next generation intelligence unit of the military, it ostensibly calls it self-defence space” while having a well grounded cyber security unit. Now having a national cyber security infrastructure for defence purposes is actually wise, in fact, it will be stupid of Nigeria not to. But with an Army that spends more time policing than doing actual defence, one has the legitimate fear of seeing this new unit focus more on Nigerians than on foreign threats.

In nations where the military becomes a specialised police force, the people trained to fight the enemies of the state are too often deployed to fight the people, in effect it makes the people enemies of the state. In Nigeria, the APC govt had tried at least once, to have a social media law in place, numerous of its members have gone on air to warn about the usage of social media, is it any surprise that we are seeing a futuristic agency enriched with cyber defense tools? This only makes prudent the long forgotten debate about strengthening the police to take on terror groups like bokoharam. A strong police force will mean the army would focus on its actual job, defending Nigeria from external threats.


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