EbonyLife Vs Naziru Sarkin Waka is a Good Thing

Naziru Sarkin Waka famos for his drift away from Barkwancnci sued Mo Abudu’s EbonyLife for violating copyright laws in the award-winning Sons of the Caliphate. Being one of the first shows to actively strive towards integrating Nollywood and Kannywood into a full-fledged Nigerian Cinema, liberals in the industry and without found the whole episode distasteful, but it could actually be a good thing.

Naziru’s laws suit might actually spell the beginning of full integration of the separate cinemas which have so far stubbornly remained seperate, despite multi million naira ventures that have tried to bring them together. The challenge for Abudu and other pan Nigerian movie makers is to make movies that will appeal to the North and the South and that has been a hard thing to do.

Northern Nigerian cinema is romantic, its full of flare and color while that of the south is rather erotic, and action filled No wonder, the north finds mre in common with Bollywood and South American tella novellas than with much with anything Nollywood has made. eroticism, even in the action filled korean cinemas that have proved popular in the North have a feminine touch, something southern directors find reprehensible in many ways. This divide has become a concrete filled goliath dividing the two Nigeria’s which hopefully, EbonyLife vs Naziru will pull down.

Ambition, money and competition, in combination have always been the tools driving cultural integration, for a long time we have seen two, now thanks to Mo Abudu, we have all three.

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