keeping it real with Adeola may be going through its final moments as popular hosts Adeola Fayehun strategizes an exit strategy out of Sahara Reporters, Knottedpost has learned.

Adeola, who has been running parallel online businesses has apparently been trying to have a more independent say on how things are done in the Newyork office of Sahara and when the promotion opportunities aren’t fast coming, it becomes prudent to use your fame for some extra cash on the side.

Adeola launched her own site, two years ago but has been giving the site particular attention this year. Last week, she launched the Adeol Fayehun Show, not on Sahara but on her own website. Poorer picture and sound quality aside, the Adeola Show is a sure competitor to keeping it real, it even has Kolodewo, the anonymous side kick from keeping it real to spice things up.

The Adeola Show premiered last week

So what happens if Adeola does go solo? well, Shara Reporters has been a diminishing venture for sometime now. It reached its peak in 2015 but has since then witnessed diminished web hits and very low original content. It has mostly relied on syndicated content and a few diaspora columnists to keep the site afloat. Added to all that are the legal woes of its founder Sowore who might have to pay out huge libel fines in Nigeria. Without some serious cash injection from Broadstreet, SR might see its fortune get even darker



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