Pay Before Service- Solution to APC’s whistle blower backpedaling

Following the unending drama surrounding the payment of N860 million to the whistleblower that led to the recovery of $43 million in the Ikoyi apartment, Nigerians think the back peddling by the Buhari admin on his whistle blower promises  could lead to future whistleblowers to ask for payment before whistle blowing.

This is not a far-fetched idea in corrupting ladden Nigeria where even online stores have had to cancel payment on delivery options in many crime infested states. Nigeria’s whistle-blower policy which had seen the EFCC seize multiple assets from top brass of the Jonathan Admin could come to a dead halt as the media hype surrounding the turn around by the administration keeps heating up.

An estimated $12Bn worth of cash and assets have been recovered as a result of the policy


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