Saudi Upheaval: Will JIBWIS survive

With muhammad bin Salman destroying much of the infastructure that fuelled Izala through its rise to power, people in the North are asking, what does it mean for the Wahabbi group which many have accused of being the unholy daddy of BokoHaram.

While the narrative coming from some corners of Gidan Qadariyyah might show optimism that with the end of Saudi funding of these extremist groups, peace and normalcy will return to Arewa, the reality on the ground paints a darker picture. Despite all you that you have heard, Izala today is not wholly reliant on funding from the gulf. With at least a million, registered and dues paying members, the organisation is almost self sustaining, and thats besides the hundreds of other businesses and affluent donors that take up its more prominent projects.

The clamp down on wahabi groups by the Obasanjo regime in 2012 has made them adapt to the geo political upheavals that affect cash flow from the gulf. Chances are this one will be no different.

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