Shoulder Pads are Back in Fashion

It’s almost like the denim comeback, but Arewa Style. Once a mst have in the wardrobe of any northern woman, they vanished in the 2000s. But shoulder padded wears are now staging a comeback as the fashion world looks to the past for inspiration this harmattan season.

“Shoulders emphasize the hips, something Arewa women are no longer willing to hide underneath large hijabs. I think the slow phasing off of the saudi style Abaya is bringing shoulders back to fashion” Ramatu Fashion Parade told us.

But how popular are they?

“Immensely popular right now, Last year, we used to say show me your backĀ  because every girl wanted to have that back skin exposed, well, this harmattan it’s all about the shoulders. It’s about a wide breast bone that brings out the strong woman in you”

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