That Friend You Met at the Airport. Can You Relate with this guy?

In october 2015, i flew @flysaa to @ortambo_int to connect to @airmauritius to Mauritius, while on transit in SA i met an igbo guy from Ebonyi state heading there too. We talked n even ate together, dude asked me whr am goin to in MUR, told him @MDX_Mtius, said he’s goin thr too.
Asked to see my visa which i said was in my bag, asked for his n he reply with same. Fast forward dude asked if i have cash with me to lend him so he can can show the immigration at d point of entry, told him not to worry as i will tell them we’re together if asked. We landed MUR
Asked bou how much cash he has with him, dude pointed to me that we together, I answered in the affirmative n presented the cash on me. Unknown to me, dude was carrying drugs n was apprehended when searched, officers radioed 4 me to be stopped too n i was taken in 4 questioning

Dude was already cuffed to d table and kept insisting i was his brother, officers said yeah i answered being together when asked earlier which i couldnt deny sayin such, narrated how we met while on transit in @ortambo_int but dude kept shouting “stop denying me brother”.
At that point i knew i had to do something or else i’ll end up in jail with him, told the officer holding my passport to ask him my name, i uses 3 names on my passport n if he can name just one, i agree to be his accomplice, nigga slammed the table knowing its a dead end for him
Officers had no option than to let me go after dude couldn’t say my name,but not until every pocket on my luggage was checked, even the hand luggage handle had to be removed n a long slim object was inserted from one end to d other in search of Narcotics.

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