The Laughable “achievements” of Kano customs

Impounding 500 bags of rice and 48 cartoons of pain killers that about sums up the great achievements in the Kano and Jigawa axis.

Together, the goods sum up to about N30million which isn’t much, except for the young and petty businessmen who probably joined together loans and savings to bypass the corrupt infrastructure that makes it mandatory for people to bring in necessary food through Lagos.

NAN reported the glorious achievements as it would all other achivements of the government that was supposed to change things for Nigerians. As 2017 closes, the government of hope is becoming a gleam reminder of just how impossible it is becoming to change Nigeria from within the corrupt establishment ruling it.

Kano, a commercial city in the distant and land locked North had been reliant on it air route and land border to french nations, which surprisingly have better services, to deliver the goods necessary to sustain its commercial enterprises. The APC government has however driven business to the untidy port Lagos, leaving businessmen at the mercy of restructuarilsts, who wish to see a return to the chaotic days of regions when a weak centre was easily threatened by ambitious governors. The Customs announcement, which was greeted with dismay in Kano’s ancient bazzers is just one more slap at the wrists of teh people who for 12 years struggloed to bring Buhari to power

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