When the mistress kills him for taking another Mistress

Like anything clash of the sexes here in Arewa, people are quick to point to a perceived double standard that discriminates against women, but is Maryam Sanda really a victim of a serial cheat as some feminists would have us believe?

I don’t think so, back in 2015 when tabloids were covering the marriage of Maryam and Bilyaminu, an upon coming Maigasiya, new to the stream of celebrity photographers bombarded the world with images of te love birds holding hands and causing havoc in Kano’s polite gardens.

The family, back then tried to sell the idea of the marriage as a romeo and juliet story with a Maryam, taking back her lover boy Bilya, despite all the trails and tribulations they had went through, but like most things Kano, gossip circles had already leaked stories of how Maryam, then a side chick, was taunting Fakriyya, the first wife of Bilya with haunting pictures of her conquering her husband. The only victim here was Fakhriya, the first wife who was taunted with images of an ex girlfriend sitting on the matrimonioal bed her own father bought for her. FFW back to 2017, Gautama was proved right when the same Maryam saw her own lover boy husband crawl out of her own fingers and into the waiting arms of another slay queen who is willing to give him a taste of much younger flesh. Apparently, someone who has conquered, is never ready to share.

Whatever happened in that faithful morning, a few things are clear, 1- Bilya Muhammad is one man known for chasing or at least being chased by girls, and 2- Maryam Sanda was once a side chick who snatched someone else’s husband,  all to the scandal of polite Arewa, so are we too eager to absolve the shameful behaviour of husband snatchers so long as the snatcher is single that we simply put all the blame on the other married party? Maybe the poor lad was woe(d) and tempted by that surkulle so many women are known for these days. So remember, when you think she’s just a victim of a serial cheat, the reality is that they were both cheaters!

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