Would we Mourn a murdered adulterous woman? Why Halima Kumar is making Sense

The only time a murder invokes that “all life is sacred” response is when a man, our patriachial snowflake-Abuja captains identify with is on the recieving end of the vicious crime.  Halima Kumar gave them a rude wakeup call when she insinuated that their was a double standard in teh way we were victimising and convicting Maryam Sanda.


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Not suorisingly, she too was convicted in the court of TedXMaitama with the Nasr birgade crwling through her profile and digging up every thing dirty thing they could. Its a familioar strategy, when the message is so truthfull that it hurts, you kill the messanger and the message will suffer a natural death.

So the question we need to ask our selves, will we have the same opinion if a man kills his wife after finding her in bed with another man? Soem might argue that its not the smae thing because a text message isn’t like doing it in the back of a mecedes S class, but that doesn’t change the fact that we live in  a society that thinks “iskancin Maza Ado ne”

Even those one penny shows that attempted to disect teh problem started off with a faked statistic about how young men were chasing married women, teh emphasis being on the married women who according to this frail logoc “should know that they are married” but silently exempts the men who are presumably just being young men. This sort of double standard has for too long forced women to live under the torture of marital infedelity, some thing i am sure you know can cause temporary insanity

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