Are the Igbo Roots of ZiyatulHaq Making Her Apprehensive?

Arewa haddin Gambiza. But once identity politics kicks in its hard not to class ethics according to blood and ethnic ties. The senatorial campaign of ZiyatuHaq could die, almost as soon as it had started owing to the cold feet of  who many had hoped would have been the first female senator from Bauchi. A Senator that cold possibly unseat Ali Wakili.

To understand the cold feet of Ahsan queen maybe we need to delve deeper into the identity politics that governs tribe crazy Bauchi. unlike other cosmopolitan states, Bauchi is full of what we call minority tribes. Essentially, people with nationalist feelings trying to make their tribe the greatest in Nigeria. When Ziya’s campaign ad first came on, people claimed she couldn’t defeat Wakil owing to her “Igbo roots”

Well, we don’t know if she indeed has Igbo roots or whether people made the assumption based on her old social media handles which had an Igbo name, but either way, this tribal problem could explain why Ziya is no longer eager to attain the fame that comes with people dissing her for being “Igbo”

Arewa, despite all the people we’ve assimilated is still small-minded when it comes to tribes, places like Bauchi even more so. And the recent killings of Northerners by IPOB in the SE isn’t helping matters. At the end of the day, it’s actually Arewas with Igbo roots, like Ziya that can actually change things. She must own up to her Igbo roots and see it as a source of strength not weakness. People like her could be the pivot to shake down ethnic bigotry in the North, once and for all

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