Fallout from Bilayiminu Halliru’s Death

The murder of Bilayaminu Halliru is sure set to be the most shocking event in 2017. The fact that a woman from Arewa, docile by demeanor could stab her husband for cheating means Arewa Ice berg society might be about to go through some long overdue over hauling.

So what has happened since then?

1 Jaruma Empire has become a Psycho.


It’s no longer ice cream time for the repressive liberals at Abuja, fissures have shown up between the twitter generation almost the instant the news of the killings hit stands. Jarumma and her amr chair feminists who had long earned the praise of radio phone liberals like Gimba Kakanda soon found out that their feminism wasn’t welcomed anymore.


2 Women are about to get husband-less

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This is no thanks to Abayomi Shogunle, the ACP vetran who had seen too many domestic violence cases than any man should. The police officer who advised men to never marry a certain class of women effectively disenfranchised half of Arewas glamour brigade. From smoking Shihsa to living in a house of with strong women, Arewa’s women liberation movement might¬† just have to get a new motto.


3- Tozali gets fired for joking about it


Ten years in the game is apparently not long enough to teach our media houses some decorum.¬† Maimuna Tozali’s blog which tried to give soem sort of humour to the whole thing got the beating of its life. Even Instagram wasn’t willing to smile at the gruesome thought of murder!

Have we missed anything? chances are thats a yes. A society that lived off gossip and chasing sex is now coming up to realise that all that playing around comes at a price, are you ready to pay it?

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