Someone Actually Paid N80,000 to see Jaruma Empire

She’s been called a Karuwa, a Dubai Hore, her family history has been plastered on every social media there is in Nigeria, but somehow, hauwa muhammad keeps getting the sort of die hard fans a politician will kill for.

Sharing the story on social media, a lady chronicled how after seeing a live videoblog showing Hauwa in a photo shoot, she recognised the Abuja high end store and quickly rushed to see her. On getti8ng there however she realized the store was closed due to theĀ  photo shoot but that didn’t stop her from pleading with the store’s security and then the owner to allow her in so she could get a piece worth over N80,000. The zeros were enough to get her in through the gates and for that 5 minutes of staring at Jarumma from a distance, she proceeded to pay for the N80,000 piece of clothing.

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Its N80,000 well spent, as her exploits have not gone unnoticed and she’s gotten a launch date with her Idol

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