Ahmed Salkida: 5 Hrs after staging a comeback he’s already turning heads in Abuja


Two years ago, Ahmed Salkida together with two others were all but labelled supporters of Bokoharam. A persona non grata since 2014, he was seized upon his return to Abuja and subjected to a horrific gruelling. According to Salkida, he was banned from making public comments regarding the Bokoharm crisis, a gag he faithfully respected until it became clear that his tormentors had no intention of clearing him off the terror accusations that have so far restricted his employment opportunities.

Well yesterday, Salkida called out the Nigerian authorities who placed the gag order on him and threatened to resume his journalistic commentary if they didn’t keep their own part of the gentlemen’s agreement by clearing his name. As expected, the big men in Abuja refused and so 5 hours ago Salkida resumed his tweets and posts.

What We Know So Far

For a person like Salkida, access is power and when it comes to Bokoharam, its something he has lots of. From all the shadowy telegram and dark net forums which the terror group posts its info, Salkida has been able to debunk most of the things the Army has made us believe in the past two years.

First: Bokoharam which Salkida cowardly calls ISWF has claimed responsibility for an attack on an Army base where they claimed to have killed 9 soldiers and carted away 4 humvees.

Second: bokoharam has claimed responsibility for the bomb attack that killed God knows how many in borno

And third and most brutal, Salkida has authoritatively revealed that tge Chibok girl was rescued at the outskirt’s of Gwoza, place he called thd “strong hold of Shekau”. This totally shatters the defeated group propaganda which Abuja has been feeding us for months.

If Shekau can comfortably hold a Chibok girl in Gwoza then what the Army waiting for? Why havent they knocked him out of the hilly area and rrstored it to federal control? The queation becomes nonsensical if we go back to the words of a GEJ era soldier who comfortably claimed, our Army can’t and won’t, not while their officers are “chopping their money in Abuja”

But aside from the head knockings he has given the obviously incompetent Buhari government its important to understand Salkida. Is he really the champion if hard bridled Journalism, willing to do anything fir this noble trade of ours? Or is he just another opportunistic mouth piece that is endangering innocent people for some fleeting glory? The latter cones to mind when we realise that Salkida is essentially spilling Bomoharam propaganda, even though unknowingly. His pieces are exactly what Shekau wants us and the rest of tbe world to see, and like it or not, Bomoharm is nit going to be kind to journalists in their islamofacist Caliphate, not unless you are willing to be a propaganda piece for the amirul mumineen.

This dilemma has become a classic one through out the global war on Islamic fundamentalism . On the other hand there are governments that have lost all morals and on the other are the murdering, facists that had non to begin with. Threading the dangerous line between are brave journalists like Salkida, belonging to no body and attimes targeted by everybody

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